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Beach Soap Bar

Happy Days at the Beach. Warm golden sand, clean fresh breezes and an endless blue ocean. All captured in our fabulous Beach Soap bars.

Black Fig Soap Bar

The provocative blackberry and vanilla notes of exotic Black Figs with a nuance of musk and cedar.

Candy Cane Soap Bar

Notes of raspberry, vanilla, sugar cane and a hint of peppermint. A Christmas tradition and now a celebration in a fragrant soap bar

Christmas Tinsel Soap Bar

Fizzy, fruity and fun. A Christmas party in a fragrant soap bar

Cosmopolitan Soap

The Cosmo; sophisticated, stylish, refined and oh-so Manhattan. Our soap bar is all this and more.

Flower Market Soap Bar

The subtle notes of Hyacinth, Jasmine and Roses with an aura of White Lily and Melon. The captivating fragrances of an early morning Flower Market.

French Pear Soap

A succulent and sweet fragrance, French Pear leaves skin feeling fresh and luxurious. Crisp and juicy aromas generously moisturize for soft, sweet results.

Goatmilk Soap Bar

Great for sensitive, dry or damaged skin, goat milk has powerful anti-bacterial properties for a highly effective treatment of skin blemishes and conditions. Creamy goat milk nourishes and soothes the skin while the mild aroma calms the mood.

Havana Soap Bar

Fragrances of rich, dark Tobacco Leaf with lightly infused rare spices, black Cocoa and woody Sandalwood with a hint of Coffee and Vanilla.

Honey and Almond Soap Bar

The sweet, thick texture of honey combined with the richness of almonds offers a wealth of healing properties that boost skin’s resilience. Soothe and strengthen with these comforting and decadent ingredients.