It's hard to imagine Aspen without Explore as a gathering place -- and yet, that's how it's been for too long. This week marks a full year since we shut our doors. For many of us over the last year, burrowing into a book is exactly what we needed. We made adjustments to get books into your hands as safely as possible: We opened our phone lines, improved our website, and left packages on the porch for you to pick up.  We’re looking forward to the day we reopen. In the meantime, we need your support. We yearn to provide Aspen with books, ideas, events and community. The best way for you to support Explore Booksellers at this time is to make a contribution. While programs like the Paycheck Protection Program and Pitkin County Business Grant have helped, we also need help from our community.

In additional to providing support to Explore during this difficult time, with your contribution, you will become a member of our Explore More program. Explore More was launched by Explore Booksellers and a committed group of artists, writers, and community members. It’s mission is to provide a robust offering of literary events, workshops, round table discussions, and other programming led by authors and thought-leaders of the day. In addition, you enjoy membership perks such as a discount card and a member newsletter.

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