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Stop Snoring!: Breath Right Solutions and Methods (Paperback)

Stop Snoring!: Breath Right Solutions and Methods By Caroline Morel Cover Image
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The noise of a busy highway: this is the world record for snoring. But the average snorer also knows the torment of the night: the partner escapes to the couch, the night is restless, and the morning begins as if swept away. One in three adults snores regularly, and among men over the age of 50 the percentage reaches 80 percent. There are many different reasons for this: loose muscles, enlarged tonsils, alcohol consumption, allergies or obesity are just some of the things that promote snoring. Depending on the cause, several methods can be considered to finally be able to sleep without snoring. Some of these can be applied alone, while others are especially indicated for hardened snorers who are considering medical intervention. Caroline Morel has written this guide for all snorers and their bedfellows to provide an overview of the causes, risks, treatments, and therapies of snoring. A wide range of questions about snoring are answered: - Why do men snore more often than women, and why do women often start snoring only with age? - What do alcohol and tobacco use have to do with snoring? - At what point is snoring dangerous? - For whom are nose clips and breathing masks useful? - What are the surgical options for people who snore a lot? - Why does an Australian musical instrument help against snoring? From the right consumer behavior to playing a wind instrument, you will find many tips and suggestions that will allow you to have peaceful and romantic nights together in the future as well. A book that I can only highly recommend to all snorers and those around them.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798211858893
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: January 25th, 2024
Pages: 108
Language: English