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Anthropology is the whole history of man as fired andpervaded by the idea of evolution. Man in evolution-that isthe subject in its full reach. Anthropology studies man as heoccurs at all known times. It studies him as he occurs in allknown parts of the world. It studies him body and soul together-as a bodily organism, subject to conditions operatingin time and space, which bodily organism is in intimate relationwith a soul-life, also subject to those same conditions.Having an eye to such conditions from first to last, it seeks toplot out the general series of the changes, bodily and mentaltogether, undergone by man in the course of his history. Itsbusiness is simply to describe. But, without exceeding the limitsof its scope, it can and must proceed from the particular tothe general; aiming at nothing less than a descriptive formulathat shall sum up the whole series of changes in which theevolution of man consists.

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ISBN: 9786257907699
ISBN-10: 6257907691
Publisher: Platanus Publishing
Publication Date: May 18th, 2020
Pages: 172
Language: English

Anthropology (Paperback)