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Jamu is the herbal-medicine tradition of the Indonesian archipelago. Born from disparate influences brought by traders to this crossroads of Asian commerce, over the centuries jamu has developed into a sophisticated suite of nutritional supplements incorporated into cuisine, beauty rituals, and healing agents, all proven effective by empirical research. But jamu is more than brightly colored powders and tonics. Jamu Lifestyle is your gateway to entering a vibrant community devoted to self-care; a joyous and transformational world of wellness. 
In the jamu tradition joy, community engagement, and beauty are considered essential to wellness. That means beauty rituals, community gatherings, and sensory engagement are all part of self-care and should be practiced regularly—not doled out occasionally as earned luxuries.
With this book you can:
  • Explore ways to infuse fun and joy into your everyday activities based on the Jamu lifestyle approach.
  • Create some jamu-inspired recipes at home - ranging from simple hacks to full, authentic popular Indonesian dishes.
  • Level up your existing skincare and bathing routine with easy and cost-effective tips to create a home-spa experience.
  • Enjoy the beautiful and nourishing photography that transports you to an Indonesian world of wellness. 
  • And more…

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ISBN: 9786026990631
ISBN-10: 6026990631
Publisher: Afterhours Books
Publication Date: October 15th, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English

Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition (Hardcover)