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Aristotle wrote that the function of poetry is to give a "particular kind of pleasure".

Writing poetry gives to the pursuit of truth the highest kind of pleasure.

There is a kind of brightness when one is completely aware of something at the very moment it happens. Before it transmutes into something else. Before it becomes the past. Before it is sucked down into the twilight stream of semi-consciousness, which the Buddhists call Bhavanga.

Writing poetry records this footprint at the very moment the foot touches the ground. Foot and footprint can both briefly be seen at the same time. Before the foot moves on and all that is left is the print.

Reading poetry is sharing this awareness. And sharing the pleasure...

The Sun shines

in a bucket of water

and doesn't



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ISBN: 9781999906399
ISBN-10: 199990639X
Publisher: Universal Octopus
Publication Date: October 31st, 2020
Pages: 70
Language: English

Ego Ego God of the Jungle (Paperback)