After The Wind: Tragedy on Everest One Survivor's Story (Hardcover)

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May 10, 1996 is the date of the most historic tragedy in Mount Everest history. Eight climbers died. Lou Kasischke was there. He lived that story. The climbing events and the forces of nature were at the extreme, especially when things went wrong. The drama near the summit was high. But the crux of the story has much in common with everyday life. This was Lou’s struggle with himself 400 feet from the summit, when he faced a tough decision and conflicting internal voices about what to do. The story is an example of how and where to go for the guidance and strength needed in such moments. Lou tells the story about what happened and what went wrong. But Lou’s personal story is more than about being there. It’s also about his long aftermath journey to understand his experience, to find meaning in it, and to find guidance from it for his future goals and challenges. The story is both sad and triumphant.

About the Author

Lou Kasischke is a former specialist in corporate and tax law and in representing venture capital businesses. He is the author of a leading book on corporate law. His professional career, especially as a lawyer and a venture capital advisor, often focused on taking high-stakes business risks, managing risk, and making decisions with far-reaching consequences. This part of his life made his several decades as a serious mountain climber a natural extension. He is retired from law and business and lives in Good Hart, Michigan.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781940877006
ISBN-10: 1940877008
Publisher: Good Hart Publishing LC
Publication Date: February 1st, 2014
Pages: 317
Language: English

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