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Outdoor Cooking Hacks to Elevate Your BBQ Game

Get this book, then grab your tongs, fire up your grill, and dig in to this ultimate, easy-to-follow reference guide for grilling and smoking, featuring advice from butchers, pit masters, and other experts.

Rub, mop, chop, and smoke your way to finger-lickin' backyard greatness.

Get this book to:

✓ Learn Tips, Tricks & Techniques like how to get a smoke ring - every time

✓ Discover Cool Tools like the one toy that helps you nail the perfect steak temperature.

✓ "Talking Chop" Interviews with Pros - also from the audio book

✓ Tips on the best Grills & Smokers (and one to avoid on page 15).

✓ The Ten Secret Ingredients including one that is considered nature's curing salt.

✓ Why you should try dry aging a brisket (page 39)

The 5th cookbook from American South BBQ author, Bill West, offers time saving tips and tricks to get smokin' hot results from your grill. Packed with succulent smoked and grilled meat cooking, sizzling choice fish and seafood, decadent slathering sauces and toppings, plus savory side dishes, herbs, spices, and condiments.

Tempting Recipes to Try: ★ Barbecued Ribs - The easiest, most unforgettable, method ever ★ Slap Yo Mama BBQ Sauce★ The Baddest Boston Butt★ Ash Kisser T-Bone Steaks - You won't believe this crazy cooking method ★ Big Beautiful Brisket - Plus a controversial trick to save time cooking it on page 83 ★ Lowcountry Pork Chops★ Backyard Burgers with Pimiento Cheese★ Hot Grilled Oysters★ Cedar Plank Shrimp★ Chili Powder - The proven recipe and method sure to win your next chili cook off.★ Opa Roasted Quail★ Charred Duck with Chipotle Honey Glaze★ Juicy Lamb Shanks★ Whole Hog Done Right★ Mexican Street Corn★ Salt-Crusted Grilled Whole Red Snapper

Buy Big Book of BBQ Tricks now and get smokin' now

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ISBN: 9781735665634
ISBN-10: 1735665630
Publisher: William Triebold
Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Pages: 278
Language: English

Big Book of BBQ Tricks: 101+ Tricks, Secret Ingredients and Easy Recipes for Foolproof Barbecue & Grilling (Paperback)