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Pioneers in Machinima: The Grassroots of Virtual Production (Critical Media Studies) (Paperback)

Pioneers in Machinima: The Grassroots of Virtual Production (Critical Media Studies) By Tracy G. Harwood, Ben Grussi Cover Image
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This important new work focuses on the pioneers in machinima, considered to be the grassroots and beginnings of virtual production. Machinima's impacts are identified by the community, supplemented by Harwood and Grussi's research and experience over a period of 25 years - from game, film and filmmaking to digital arts practice, creative technologies developments and related research and theory.

Machinima is the first digital cultural practice to have emerged from the internet into a mainstream creative genre. Its latest transformation is evident through the increasing convergence of games and film where real-time virtual production as a professional creative practice is resulting in new forms of machine-generated interactive experiences.

Using the most culturally significant machinima works (machine-cinema) as lenses to trace its history and impacts, 'Pioneers in Machinima: The Grassroots of Virtual Production' provides in-depth testimony by filmmakers and others involved in its emergence. The extensive reference to source materials and interviews bring the story of its impacts up to date through the critical reflections of the early pioneers.

This book will be of interest to machinima researchers and practitioners, including game culture, media theorists, students of film studies and game studies, digital artists and those interested in how creative technologies have influenced communities of practice over time.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781648892066
ISBN-10: 164889206X
Publisher: Vernon Press
Publication Date: March 5th, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English
Series: Critical Media Studies

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