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The Complete Beginner's Guide To Backyard Homesteading
Homesteading is becoming more and more popular these days, being shown on tv shows, documentaries on the web, and many other social media platforms. More people are waking up to the fact that it is a possibility to get a taste of the simple life in this busy time, live a greener and healthier lifestyle, or just simply stray away from relying on outside sources of food through homesteading.

Starting a homestead from scratch is not an easy task and is better taken in steps. The good news is that with today's knowledge of urban farming, and growing techniques homesteading can take place on much smaller scale and is much easier to create and maintain. A backyard homestead was my first real project when it came to homesteading and is the starting point from where I advise most people to begin. I have raised livestock, grown plenty of food to support my family and I, and have scaled it up to be fruitful in a relatively short period of time. Homesteading is definitely a challenge, especially at the beginning, but it is extremely rewarding to be able to live this lifestyle.

With this book, you will learn things like..

  • Growing your own food
  • Saving seeds
  • Making and harvesting honey
  • Poultry/ Livestock and what products can be made from them
  • Composting
  • Vermiculture
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Crochet/ Knitting
  • Saving for winter
  • Making soaps
  • And so much more
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ISBN: 9781540462183
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Publication Date: November 16th, 2016
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Homesteading: Your Guide to Self Sufficiency, Growing Your Food, and Saving Ener (Paperback)