Where Hummingbirds Come From Bilingual Jamaican Creole English (Paperback)

Where Hummingbirds Come From Bilingual Jamaican Creole English By Megan Gibbs (Illustrator), Ricardo McKenzi (Translator), Adele Marie Crouch Cover Image
By Megan Gibbs (Illustrator), Ricardo McKenzi (Translator), Adele Marie Crouch
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Fantasy, folklore, and magic fill the air as a young girl's grandmother relates a legend of Where Hummingbirds Come From. Grandmother explains the magic waters and the beauty of this tiny bird. Where Hummingbirds Come From may well become an all-time children's classic and a perfect book for the young reader. As well as a wonderful study guide for English as a second language students. Jamaican Creole (Patwa) Jamaica's motto, "Out of many one people" can be easily seen through its language. Jamaican Creole, known locally as Patwa (Patois), is an English-based Creole language in the Western Atlantic Creole family. Patwa has strong influences from languages of West and Central Africa, and small influences of Spanish and Portuguese. It developed during the 17th century and includes significant influences from various dialects of English, especially those of Scotland and Ireland, as well as dialects of West African languages such as Akan and Twi. Over 4 million people speak Jamaican Creole, most of whom live in Jamaica. There are also many speakers in parts of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia and the UK. Nevertheless, the language is in danger because of the dated view that Patwa is a socially inferior language to English. In recent years, however, much has been done to educate Jamaicans and the Jamaican diaspora of the legitimacy and rich history of their language.

About the Author

Adele is a published author. Catherine's Travels - Book I and Catherine's Travels - Book 2, Lawson's Search, are historic novels. How the Fox Got His Color and Where Hummingbirds Come From are children's picture books. The Dance of The Caterpillars, which she illustrated herself, is a lesson in prepositions with pictures written for 2nd grade level readers. The Gnome's of Knot-Hole Manor is a chapter book using words with silent letters and words that are spelled differently and sound the same. Her newest release, Alphabet Alliteration, is a new twist on learning A B C's. All of Adele's books are available through her web site (http: //www.creationsbycrouch.com ) and Amazon. Her children's picture books are available bilingual in numerous different languages. Adele Crouch is also a self-taught artist, working in: Acrylics, Oils, Colored Pencils, Graphite and Charcoal. She has been selling her work for more than 40 years. During the last 30 years, Adele has sold and displayed her work in galleries and other businesses in northern and southern California, Washington, Idaho, Tennessee, Arkansas, New Mexico and Arizona. Her interest in art was inspired by a history lesson which featured Michelangelo when she was nine years old. Three of Adele's relatives, her grandfather and two aunts, were artists. This helped in giving her incentive to study and enhance her abilities in the field.

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