Where Hummingbirds Come From Bilingual Croatian English (Paperback)

Where Hummingbirds Come From Bilingual Croatian English By Adele Marie Crouch, Megan Gibbs (Illustrator), Bojan Tunguz (Translator) Cover Image
By Adele Marie Crouch, Megan Gibbs (Illustrator), Bojan Tunguz (Translator)
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Fantasy, folklore, and magic fill the air as a young girl's grandmother relates a legend of Where Hummingbirds Come From. Grandmother explains the magic waters and the beauty of this tiny bird. Where Hummingbirds Come From may well become an all-time children's classic and a perfect book for the young reader. As well as a wonderful study guide for English as a second language students. According to Wikipedia: "Croatian (hrvatski jezik) is the Serbo-Croatian language as spoken by Croats, principally in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighboring countries; or, more specifically, a standardized register of Serbo-Croatian used as an official and literary language of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and neighboring countries. Creations by Crouch is pleased to introduce Bojan Tunguz as a translator for our books. Bojan Tunguz was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which he and his family fled during the civil war for the neighboring Croatia. Over the past two decades he has studied, lived and worked in the United States. He is a theoretical physicist with degrees from Stanford and University of Illinois. Tunguz has taught physics at several prominent liberal arts colleges and has been writing about physics, science and technology for more than a decade. He also has a wide spectrum of interests, and reads and writes about current events, society, culture, religion and politics. Over the years he has reviewed many of the books that he has read, and posted his reviews on various online outlets. In 2011 he had become a top 10 reviewer on Amazon.com, where he continues to be very active. Aside from reading and writing, Tunguz enjoys traveling, digital photography, hiking, and fitness You can see Bojan's author page here: http: //www.amazon.com/Dr.-Bojan-Tunguz/e/B007C9EJBS/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0 If you wish to contact Bojan, his email is: tunguz@gmail.com Please feel free to visit his website: http: //www.tunguz.com/ Thank you, Bojan, for working with us to fulfill our mission, which is: to enliven children's literacy with passion and cross cultural mutual respect and to affirm, in the spirit of multinational brotherhood, the shared experience of our humanity.

About the Author

"Alphabet Alliteration" is a new twist on an old subject, learning the English alphabet. "How The Fox Got His Color" and "Where Hummingbirds Come From" are picture books for children ages 3 - 6 years of age. "The Dance of The Caterpillars," a lesson in prepositions is designed for 2nd grade students. "The Gnomes of Knot-Hole Manor" is a chapter book targeting 3rd graders. It teaches words with silent letters and words that sound the same but are spelled differently. "Catherine's Travels" is an historic novel that takes place in Missouri during the 1800's. Catherine and her family flee war torn Austria seeking a new life in America. Disaster strikes and Catherine finds herself alone in the wilderness. "Catherine's Travels Book 2 Lawson's Search" After Lawson's beautiful wife, Catherine, is kidnapped he embarks on a search that will take him across the United States, over the Rocky Mountains and into the land of the Navajo. Catherine will take a terrifying, yet rewarding journey with her husband's starch enemy. Blue Eyes goes on a vision quest that will change his life forever. Adele is an artist as well as a published author. Her books are currently available on the internet (Amazon and Barnes and Noble), through her web site (http: //www.creationsbycrouch.com ), and on Kindle and Nook Creations by Crouch is making an attempt to produce bilingual books that will not only assist people in learning the language of their choice, but also to preserve (in some small way) languages that are in danger of becoming extinct. With that in mind, Adele is always on the lookout for translators of new and endangered languages. Please feel free to contact Adele if you are a native speaker of any Native American languages. Adele's children's books have become popular with English as a second language students and foreign language students all over the world and are on the top 10 list of ESL study material on Amazon. Her website is filled with study material to help people study foreign languages. It includes - vocabulary lists, MP3 files, and even has a list of the questions you need to know to pass the US citizenship exam. All of this is free to the viewer. See: www.creationsbycrouch.com If you wish to contact Adele, you can email: Adele@creationsbycrouch.com

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ISBN: 9781482659160
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Publication Date: March 7th, 2013
Pages: 52
Language: Croatian