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"John's Book looks at Baseball, and its two most precious elements of Batting and Throwing, from the multiple standpoints of the 'superficially' physical and mental; from the 'meta-physically' scientific; and from the 'all-inclusiveness' of Spirituality. Therefore, Baseball's most enduring and endearing attributes can be perceived on multiple levels of conscious awareness, and thus arouse the 'dormant understanding' of all enthusiastic fanfare to more than just the mundane interests of the 'ordinary' sports - spectator. Change the way you think about the things you see, and the things you now observe will have changed proportionably and substantially to the quality, intensity, and expectancy of your thoughts."

The game of baseball enlists few physical impediments that limit success; they are mostly mental. Any simple-minded person can achieve baseball success.

Simplicity is the integration and coordination of life's infinite array of variables within the realm of understanding. Simplicity is not the beginning of primitive evolvement but rather the culminating effect of organization not merely the discovery of the wheel but its maximum utility by expanded thinking.

The way to describe the best of ball players at his position or at bat is that he makes it look simple. Although it is not really simple, abiding by a strict discipline of simple mechanics, the best players have perfected the techniques for their particular positions through arduous, repetitive labor, from which the human physical endeavor eventually appears effortless and instinctive. (In the words of Thomas Edison, 10 percent inspiration, 90 percent perspiration. )

When mere strength and natural ability reach the limits for peak performance, conscientious devotees will find technique to add to their effectiveness and longevity. The universe (one voice) sings in simple chords of harmonious function, changing chaos into order.

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ISBN: 9781452544809
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Publication Date: February 27th, 2012
Pages: 216
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The Principle of Baseball: All There Is to Know about Hitting and More (Paperback)