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When Grumpy Met Sunshine: A Novel (Paperback)

When Grumpy Met Sunshine: A Novel By Charlotte Stein Cover Image
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A steamy, opposites-attract romance with undeniable chemistry between a grumpy retired footballer and his fabulous and very sunshine-y ghostwriter.

When grumpy ex-footballer Alfie Harding gets badgered into selling his memoirs, he knows he’s never going to be able to write them. He hates revealing a single thing about himself, is allergic to most emotions, and can’t imagine doing a good job of putting pen to paper.

And so in walks curvy, cheery, cute as heck ghostwriter Mabel Willicker, who knows just how to sunshine and sass her way into getting every little detail out of Alfie. They banter and bicker their way to writing his life story, both of them sure they’ll never be anything other than at odds.

But after their business arrangement is mistaken for a budding romance, the pair have to pretend to be an item for a public who’s ravenous for more of this Cinderella story. Or at least, it feels like it’s pretend—until each slow burn step in their fake relationship sparks a heat neither can control. Now they just have to decide: is this sizzling chemistry just for show? Or something so real it might just give them their fairytale ending?

About the Author

Charlotte Stein has written over thirty sexy novellas and novels, including the RT award nominated Intrusion and the DABWAHA nominated Run To You. When not writing she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms and occasionally lusting after hunks. She lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and their totally real dog.

Praise For…

"This, children, is how the professionals do it... It’s the difference between seeing choreography laid out in footprints on the floor, and being swept away by the dance. " - New York Times

"Upbeat, engaging, witty, and funny, this book from Stein... will captivate readers." Library Journal, starred

"We truly understand why Alfie can start to open up to Mabel, and why Mabel is captivated by the Alfie only she gets to know. Watching them come together is so satisfying." -ARA

"I highlighted so much of the text as I read. I enjoyed the turns of phrase and the banter and the baffling, charming absurdity of their courtship. I liked both Mabel and Alfie very much. I would like to be Mabel’s friend. Possibly Alfie’s too but he’s not big on friends so maybe not." - Dear Author

"If you’re looking for the rom-commiest rom-com to ever rom or com, then look no further... Warmth and joy permeate the entire book." - BookPage

“Charlotte Stein's When Grumpy Met Sunshine has voice and banter for days! Alfie and Mabel were constantly saying the last thing I would've expected, sometimes in a laugh-out-loud way and other times in an eyebrows-raised-up-my-hairline now we're cooking with gas kind of way. Stein truly understands the promise of the premise when it comes to the grumpy/sunshine dynamic, celebrity romance, fake dating . . . I sped through reading this book!" - Alicia Thompson, bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

"When Grumpy Met Sunshine is the perfect blend of kindness, hilarity, and some serious spice, wrapped up with an ending that made me cry! A huge thank-you to Charlotte Stein for this absolute gem of a rom-com.” - Victoria Dahl, USA Today bestselling author

"When Grumpy Met Sunshine is the rom-com of your dreams! Charlotte Stein takes her signature melt-your-face-off heat and pairs it with wry humor that Talia Hibbert and Olivia Dade fans will adore. I squee-ed in delight so often while reading this book... I have no choice but to crown it one of my top "feel good" books of all time!" - Jen Comfort, author of Midnight Duet

Praise for Charlotte Stein:

"Hot. Intense. Emotional. Sexy. Charlotte Stein writes provocative erotic romance so deliciously you never want her books to end!" — New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy

“Charlotte Stein put me inside the heroine’s mind and it was an amazing place to be. I never wanted to leave.” — New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tessa Bailey

Product Details
ISBN: 9781250867933
ISBN-10: 1250867932
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: February 6th, 2024
Pages: 336
Language: English

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