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Plum Orchard (Paperback)

Plum Orchard By June Hall McCash Cover Image
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June Hall McCash, named 2011 Georgia Author of the Year for her first novel, Almost to Eden, once again delivers a story of hope and renewal with Plum Orchard. The saga is set on Cumberland Island during plantation-era Georgia and centers around a remarkable woman known as Elisabeth Bernardey. Zabette, as she is called, was born the illegitimate daughter of a planter and a slave and was raised as the planter's daughter, so she finds herself neither completely free nor totally in bondage. Plum Orchard chronicles her journey through the Antebellum South as she strives to live in two worlds while belonging totally to neither. This epic tale spans a large portion of the nineteenth century and is a narrative that explores both the darkness that was slavery and the light that lives within the human heart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780984435494
ISBN-10: 0984435492
Publisher: Twin Oaks Press
Publication Date: December 31st, 2011
Pages: 374
Language: English