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Ever overhear a pre-teen or early teen conversation? It can be pretty dramatic--in fact, young people and drama go together like... God and the Bible If you're looking for quality material that draws middle school/junior high age young people into the scriptures, here's an invaluable resource. My Way Or Thy Way is a collection of 12 brief plays that bring familiar Bible stories to life in contemporary conversation that's easy to understand. By focusing on the choices made by the main characters--and their consequences--the scenes help young people make better choices in their own lives. I want to do it my way, not thy way was the struggle of these biblical personages, and many of us face similar issues today. Each skit lets participants walk in the sandals of ordinary people who faced extraordinary choices. Designed for versatility, these scenes can be given full dramatic performances with props, scenery, and costumes, or presented in readers' theater format for use as dynamic classroom discussion starters. Each drama is accompanied by questions and a variety of related activities. My Way Or Thy Way is an excellent supplement to a Sunday school, Bible school, or Bible study curriculum, and is especially useful for youth groups.

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ISBN: 9780788023132
ISBN-10: 0788023136
Publisher: CSS Publishing Company
Publication Date: January 1st, 2004
Pages: 108
Language: English

My Way or Thy Way: A Book of Choice Bible Skits (Paperback)